Don't be fooled!


    Did you know that many hiring companies who use job sites that store thousands of CV's actually search through the CV database before posting their jobs? That means many of the best jobs are never even posted.








  Zero saved CV's, only those who apply are looked at. 

  Zero means you no longer compete against 1000's of inactive job seekers.

  Zero means you now have a more realistic chance of scoring a job than ever before.



Some recruitment agencies maintain a CV database, however this database is monitored by humans (i.e. HR consultants) who recognize your enthusiasm and appreciate you as an individual. Unlike traditional job portals who monitor CV’s using a software that is incapable of building a close relationship with you.


Consider two job seekers, Ahmad and Tameem. Ahmad is not looking for a job because he is happy with his current position; however he registered his CV in a job portal to keep himself “available” for any good opportunities. Tameem however is desperate for a new job and is actively looking for one on a daily basis. A traditional job portal could possibly give Ahmad the advantage over Tameem because he has an additional “bonus” skill without any recognition to Tameem’s enthusiasm and eagerness. With JOBSNOW however, Ahmad does not stand a chance!


Absolutely not. In the past, before the evolution of online recruitment, only those who used to apply for jobs were looked at. JOBSNOW is bringing this fair concept back to life through ZERO.


 In some cultures, ZERO is a mathematical value intermediate between positive and negative.

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