JOBSNOW.ae is the first and fastest growing recruitment agency network in the Middle East with a goal to give active, keen, and determined job seekers a significantly better chance of getting a job than any online job site in the Middle East.

JOBSNOW.ae is Owned and operated by the XPAND Global group. An online advertising and marketing solutions firm offering services to customers in Europe, Australia, and the Middle East. As a global company it has economies of scale in staff and technological innovations that allow it to perform more proficiently than its local and regional competitors.
XPAND Global is built on a foundation of clear and strategic thinking with an overlying vision of success. It recognizes that everyone's goals and circumstances are different and that the level of understanding of cutting edge business ideas vary from client to client.

The JOBSNOW portal - simplicity wins

In alliance with key market players in the Middle East, XPAND Global has developed JOBSNOW.ae, the most dynamic and innovative job site that gives job seekers a more realistic chance of getting a job than any other job site in the region. With a rapidly expanding network of recruitment agencies, no other job site provides services so useful to both job seekers as well as recruiters.

Additionally, JOBSNOW.ae have created revolutionary ways in helping recruitment agencies expose their businesses to more job seekers and local private and government employers through a strategic conflict of interest-free relationship.


Corporate values

Commitment to Active Job Seeker One of JOBSNOW's core values is being committed to favoring and rewarding keen job seekers who actively seek for new jobs. This commitment makes up the basis of our corporate values and business model

Commitment to Recruitment Agencies JOBSNOW is strictly a recruitment-agency-only website serving eligible recruitment agencies in the Middle East. By posing zero conflict of interest, JOBSNOW is firmly committed to exposing and promoting recruitment agencies to local private and government employers.

Affordability Our affordable pricing scheme reflects our commitment and ability to remain as a key player in the competitive job market in the Middle East.

Customer Focus Our foundation is to meet the expectations of our customers including both recruitment agencies and job seekers. As such, we constantly review our website to ensure that highest levels of customer satisfaction are always maintained.

Teamwork and Leadership As a team, we value and respect the contribution of each member of the JOBSNOW family and constantly motivate our staff to excel in their careers.

Excellence We are an organization that values and rewards excellence.

Corporate Citizenship We are passionate about helping our community and being part of it. We never lose sight of the needs of our society and always strive to meet them.

For information about labour law including instructions for national and foreign labourers, visit the Ministry of Labour website MOL.GOV.AE

Corporate values

Commitment to Active Job Seeker

Commitment to Recruitment Agencies


Customer Focus

Teamwork and Leadership


Corporate Citizenship