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Marketing your recruitment agency in today’s internet-focused age has become more challenging than ever. The rise of traditional online job portals is gradually changing the way employers and job seekers find each other.

Due to the appealing “one stop shop” concept which traditional job portals offer, job seekers today prefer to use such portals rather than having to visit tens of recruitment agency websites.   

Such a trend makes it incredibly challenging for recruitment agencies to expose and promote their organisations without having to resort to advertising through traditional job portals. Unfortunately those portals pose a major conflict of interest with the core industry of recruitment agencies as they offer employers what seems to be a much cheaper alternative to recruitment agencies.

Through JOBSNOW, recruitment agencies are gradually forming a powerful one stop shop for jobs in a platform that promotes their industry and compliments their business model.

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Reach more job seekers

As more job seekers prefer to visit a 'one stop shop' when looking for a job, JOBSNOW attracts a constantly increasing number of visitors worldwide

Reasonable pricing

Unlimited job ads and a heap of other benefits for as little as US$99 a month makes JOBSNOW by far the most reasonably priced job advertiser in the middle east

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Expose your recruitment agency to thousands of employers in the middle east

Unlike traditional online job sites, JOBSNOW promotes rather than competes with recruitment agencies

Unlimited job ads for as little as $650 a month makes JOBSNOW by far the most reasonably priced advertiser

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