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Being a recruitment agency-only job site means that only recruitment agencies are permitted to advertise on JOBSNOW. Local private and government employers in return are encouraged to use the services of JOBSNOW’s registered recruitment agencies through various incentives and marketing campaigns.  

By joining JOBSNOW, recruitment agencies gain exceptional exposure to thousands of local and regional employers through a dedicated interactive premium profile page that includes the agency’s logo, description, videos, and any other promotional material of their choice. Through this profile, recruitment agencies will boost their business and increase the awareness to their brand.

One of the many tactics of attracting private and government employers to our registered recruitment agencies is offering a standard discount of 10% off their recruitment bill. Such incentive brings our registered agencies one step closer to their potential customers and opens up a door of never ending opportunities.


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As more job seekers prefer to visit a 'one stop shop' when looking for a job, JOBSNOW attracts a constantly increasing number of visitors worldwide

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Unlimited job ads and a heap of other benefits for as little as US$99 a month makes JOBSNOW by far the most reasonably priced job advertiser in the middle east

For information about labour law including instructions for national and foreign labourers, visit the Ministry of Labour website MOL.GOV.AE

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Expose your recruitment agency to thousands of employers in the middle east

Unlike traditional online job sites, JOBSNOW promotes rather than competes with recruitment agencies

Unlimited job ads for as little as $650 a month makes JOBSNOW by far the most reasonably priced advertiser

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