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JOBSNOW was specifically built for recruitment agencies. As such, it providers features that compliment their requirements and business model. Below are some of the features many registered recruitment agencies enjoy with JOBSNOW.


Automated job retrieval
Don’t waste any time uploading, editing, or deleting your job ads.  JOBSNOW will import all vacancies that appear on your site and have them displayed on JOBSNOW.


Import jobs in bulk
If you do not have a website in order for us to source your vacancies, you can upload all your job ads through one Excel spreadsheet rather than creating them individually.



Question job seekers
Do you wish to question job seekers about a certain skill or experience? Save time by asking them up to three different customary questions as part of your job application.


Application redirection
You can choose to have job seekers directed to your website to apply for a job or allow JOBSNOW to capture their details and have them available exclusively to you.


Urgent or Executive
Do you have an executive job vacancy or do you need to draw more attention to a particular job. Display your job advertisement on the homepage for maximum exposure.


Brand Exposure
Increase the awareness to your brand and boost traffic to your website through a dedicated Premium Profile page viewable to millions of visitors world wide.



Reach more job seekers

As more job seekers prefer to visit a 'one stop shop' when looking for a job, JOBSNOW attracts a constantly increasing number of visitors worldwide

Reasonable pricing

Unlimited job ads and a heap of other benefits for as little as US$99 a month makes JOBSNOW by far the most reasonably priced job advertiser in the middle east

For information about labour law including instructions for national and foreign labourers, visit the Ministry of Labour website MOL.GOV.AE

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Expose your recruitment agency to thousands of employers in the middle east

Unlike traditional online job sites, JOBSNOW promotes rather than competes with recruitment agencies

Unlimited job ads for as little as $650 a month makes JOBSNOW by far the most reasonably priced advertiser

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