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Established: 01-Apr-2004 Website:
Number of staff: 50+ Phone: +971 4 372 3500
Email: Address: Suite 502,
Al Moosa Tower 1,
Sheikh Zayed Road,
Dubai UAE
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The Charterhouse Legacy

During the last ten years, Charterhouse Middle East has been operating across the UAE and GCC Markets. In many ways, we were the recruiter who established and set the standards within the regional recruitment industry benchmarking and innovating the service levels associated to Search and Selection.
Charterhouse understands the dynamics attached to talent acquisition, relationship management and the required service levels within the regional industry. Our heritage is now our main strength as we continue to work within our core markets to deliver key account management and strong contingency recruitment practices to our clients and candidates.
Heritage, trust and brand cannot be bought; it comes from experience, hard work and knowledge. Our reputation continues to grow combining expertise and a proven track record. With offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Doha, Charterhouse is set to continue as the leading generalist and contingency based recruiter in the Middle East.
The Charterhouse approach and principles have not changed. The business still stands upon the pillars of trust, integrity, service delivery and partnerships. We strive for excellence whilst retaining relationships and business opportunities. Diversity remains a strength, but never at the expense of service. Specialist expertise is on offer but pragmatism remains a core attribute.
We know that the GCC recruitment market is unique and challenging. The challenge is rewarding and we strive to add value, knowledge and transparency to our engagement and practice, affording us another decade of success and heritage.